The SH Fitness Blog

April 2017

Spring is here and the sun is shining, if you have not already let’s get outside, soak up that vitamin D and get moving.

It’s time to dig the shorts out and work towards getting some seriously sexy legs

Sculpting your legs in a combination of eating the right food and working your booty.

Let’s get started

Get moving – it is as simple as that, participate in any regular outdoor activity such as jogging, cycling, hiking and even swimming.

Eat Healthy – your body ultimately reflects your diet, in order to have energy to move, you need to be fuelling yourself with a balanced diet full of nutrients.
Aim for a diet full of vegetables, fruit, fibre, lean protein and healthy fats.
· Berries
· Sweet potato
· Dark leafy greens
· Lean Chicken
· Oily fish

Drink Water – Staying hydrated helps support circulation as well as keeping yourself energised to move the above!

Move it – When it comes to actually sculpting your legs and bum, you have to work them! Including the following exercises in your regular workouts and see the results:

· Pistol Squats
· Step Ups
· Box Jumps
· Lunges
· Squat kick backs
· Wall sits
· Plank leg lifts
· Donkey Kicks
· Flutter kicks

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